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Cream Of Tartar

Cream Of Tartar
Cream Of Tartar
Usage Tips

Add to egg whites when making soufflés, meringues, angel food cakes, chiffon cakes or candy.

You can also use cream of tartar to create your own homemade baking powder by combining 2 parts cream of tartar with 1 part baking soda. Mix and use immediately. If you want to mix ahead of time and store (no more than one month), add 1 part cornstarch, which helps to absorb moisture.

Storage Tips

Store in an airtight container in a cool, dark place.

Points of Interest

Cream of tartar is the common name for potassium hydrogen tartrate, which is essentially an acidic salt that has a number of uses in the kitchen. For centuries it has been obtained from the sediment left over in barrels after the winemaking process. Before baking soda and baking powder, cooks used to use cream of tartar to keep their baked goods from becoming too heavy. In fact, it is often the acidic component of commercial baking powders.

Cream of tartar is best known in the kitchen for its use in stabilizing and giving volume to beaten egg, and for producing creamy frostings and candy by inhibiting the formation of crystals. Aside from cooking, it has other household uses as well, such as for cleaning brass and copper cookware and for removing stains from sinks and bathtubs.

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