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    Steps to Becoming a Franchisee


    • Review the Bulk Barn franchising information on our website.
    • Visit our stores.

    Application Form:

    • Submit a fully completed Bulk Barn application form via mail (faxed copies will not be accepted). Submission is confidential and carries no obligation. This allows BBFL to make an initial assessment of personal information, business experience, financial status, references, etc.

    Click here to download the franchisee application form

    Personal Interviews:

    • Qualified prospective franchisees will be contacted in 4 to 6 weeks. After that time, a series of interviews will be scheduled.

    Securing a location:

    • A key task is the securing of a suitable location for the interested party.

    Disclosure Document:

    • BBFL will provide you with a copy of our Franchise Disclosure Document for review by you and your solicitor.
    • You will be given 14 days to review the Disclosure Document.

    Corporate Details:

    • Once you have completed your review of the Disclosure Document and have decided to proceed with the acquisition of a Bulk Barn franchise, you will need to incorporate a company.
    • You will be required to arrange for financing and to provide us with written evidence that such financing is available to you.

    Franchise Agreement:

    • Payments are due and payable throughout the period of construction of the store, and will be in accordance with a pre-determined schedule outlining such costs and payments.


    Upon completion of store set-up, initial franchise training commences in-store and/or such other location as may be specified by BBFL.

    Click here to download the franchisee application form