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    Reusable Container Program

    The decision to implement a charge for our carry out bags at this time and on a go-forward basis, was made to promote Earth Day and in conjunction with our continued attempts to do more for the environment. We hope that you understand this decision and we thank you for your continued patronage.

    Zero Waste Home

    Reusable Container Program is now LIVE in all stores across Canada!

    Bring your own container program policy

    Project Waste FreeStep 1.

    Before any reusable container is used in our stores, please verify to a cashier that the container meets Bulk Barn standards for use.* Some of these standards include:

    • Is the container or bag free from chips, cracks, stains, debris, dirt, rust and residual food?
    • Is the container or bag reusable and designed for food?
    • Is the container or bag resealable, with a lid, drawstring or clip-closure?
    • Paper and plastic bags are not acceptable for reuse.

    We reserve the right to reject any containers that do not meet our minimum standards.

    Step 2.

    The cashier will tare the weight of your clean container. This process is in place so you are not charged for the weight of your container.

    Step 3.

    Use our scoops to fill your containers with as much or as little as you want. Product scooped into a reusable container is marked for final sale and cannot be reintroduced to our barrels or tubs.

    Step 4.

    A cashier will be happy to process all of your purchases at the checkout. 

    Smile, you’ve just reduced your carbon footprint!

    *Customers are solely responsible for ensuring that their reusable containers are clean, sterilized and ready for use. Visual examination of containers at store level prior to use is done so that the customer can verify to store staff that their containers meet minimum Bulk Barn standards for use in Bulk Barn’s reusable container policy, and is not a substitute for proper cleaning and sterilization of reusable containers by customers. For details on our minimum standards, click here.

    Tips for Cleaning Reusable Containers