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    Dietary Information:

    • Organic
    • Peanut Free
    • Vegan
    • Gluten-Free
    • Dairy Free
    • Non GMO



    Directions for Use:




    Usage Tips:


    Storage Tips:


    Points of Interest:




    Nutrition Facts

    Serving Size [servingsize]

    Amount % Daily Value
    Calories [cal]
    Fat [fat] g [fatP] %
    Saturated [satFat] g
    + Trans / trans [tranFat] g
    [totalFatP] %
    Cholesterol [chol] mg [cholP] %
    Sodium [sodium] mg [sodiumP] %
    Carbohydrate [carbs] g [carbsP] %
    Fibre [fibre] g [fibreP] %
    Sugars [sugar] g
    Sugar Alcohol 0 g
    Protein [protein] g
    Vitamin A [vitAP] %
    Vitamin C [vitCP] %
    Calcium [calciumP] %
    Iron [ironP] %

    Black Licorice Laces

    Black Licorice Laces



    corn syrup, enriched wheat flour (wheat, iron, niacin, thiamin, riboflavin, folic acid), high fructose corn syrup, sugar, water, modified food starch (corn), glycerine, licorice extract, palm oil, salt, mono and diglycerides, anise extract, potassium sorbate preservative, artificial colours including tartrazine.

    Usage Tips:

    this candy is always a delicious treat. they're also great for decorating cakes, gingerbread houses, cupcakes and other baking items. also ideal for halloween decorating (makes great cat whiskers or spider legs!).


    store in a dry place at temperature between 18°c and 24°c (65°f-75°f). avoid quick fluctuations in temperature.

    Point of Interest:

    enjoy the old-fashioned taste of these black lace licorices in fun shoe-string format. these confections are manufactured to the highest standards. none of the ingredients are derived from animal sources, making them suitable for vegetarians.

    Nutrition Facts
    Valeur nutritive

    Serving Size 4 laces (40 g)
    Portion 4 laces (40 g)

    % Daily Value
    % valeur quotidienne
    Calories / Calories 120
    Fat / Lipides 0 g 0 %
    Saturated / satures 0 g
    + Trans / trans 0 g
    0 %
    Cholesterol / Cholesterol 0 g 0 %
    Sodium / Sodium 105 mg 4 %
    Carbohydrate / Glucides 30 g 10 %
    Fibre / Fibres 0 g 0 %
    Sugars/ Sucres 13 g
    Sugar Alcohol/ Polyalcool 0 g
    Protein / Proteines 1 g
    Vitamin A / Vitamine A 0 %
    Vitamin C / Vitamine C 0 %
    Calcium / Calcium 0 %
    Iron / Fer 2 %

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