Reusable Container Program
Reusable Container Program Minimum Standards

Customers are required to verify to a Bulk Barn cashier, on each store visit, that their container meets Bulk Barn minimum standards for use. Bulk Barn minimum standards are as follows:

  • The container must be made of a material (e.g. plastic, glass, metal, ceramic, cloth) that can be cleaned, washed or sterilized.
  • The container must be reusable and of a type that is ordinarily used for food products.
  • All containers must be sealable (e.g. jars need to have an accompanying lid, bags must have a drawstring or clip closure, etc.).
  • Plastic and paper bags (including, but not limited to, Bulk Barn convenience bags, coffee bags and spice bags) are not considered to be acceptable reusable containers.
  • The container must be intact, sturdy and capable of being filled with product, with no holes, tears or cracks.
  • Glass or ceramic containers must not be chipped in any way.
  • The container (and accompanying lid) must be visibly clean. The container must not contain any food or other residue, indicating that it has not been cleaned after its prior use. The lid must also be clean. Metal lids should not have any visible rust on them.

We reserve the right to reject any containers that do not meet our minimum standards.