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    Instacart - Bulk Barn FAQ

    Instacart Delivery

    Is Delivery available from Bulk Barn stores?

    Delivery is now available in select areas with Instacart.

    What is Instacart?

    Instacart is a same-day grocery delivery service that delivers in as little as an hour! Instacart connects you with a network of Instacart Shoppers in your area who pick up and deliver your items from a participating Bulk Barn store in your service area. Instacart is not a retailer or a seller of groceries or other merchandise.

    Where does Instacart Deliver?

    Instacart delivers too many cities. Please visit and enter your postal code to see if delivery is available in your area. If not, check back soon! Delivery coverage areas are expanding.

    How does Delivery Pricing Work?

    Prices on the Instacart site may vary from in-store and may be higher than in-store prices in your area. Most in-store prices, sales, promotions, gifts with purchase, offers, coupons and discounts do not apply, however Instacart-specific coupons, promotions and discounts are applicable. Price adjustments may be made for item substitutions or changes in weight or quantity.

    How much does delivery cost?

    Instacart charges a delivery fee and a service fee that are included in the total cost of your order. For details on these fees, please see the "Help - Pricing" section on the Instacart site. Click here.

    What is Instacart Express?

    Instacart Express members get free, unlimited delivery on orders over $35. For details, please see Help - Express Membership section on the Instacart site Click here.

    Is there a minimum order amount for Delivery?

    Yes. The minimum order amount must be $10.00 or more before taxes.

    Can I order an item that is not found on the site?

    Yes. During your online shopping experience with Instacart, if you cannot find an item in your search, click "Add a special request" and fill out the information on the prompt to add the item to the cart.

    Can I cancel my order?

    You may cancel your delivery for a full refund with no additional fees, up until the Instacart Shopper has started shopping for your order. Details to cancel your order can be found Click here.

    Can I return items from my order?

    If you placed an order using Instacart's website and are not satisfied with any of the items on your order, please contact Instacart Community Support. Please ensure you have your order number and details ready.

    What measures are in place to ensure proper temperature control?

    Refrigerated items will be packed in special carriers to ensure that their safe temperatures are maintained.

    What is the latest time I can place my order to get same day delivery?

    Available delivery times are displayed on Instacart's site and are dependent on a number of factors including cart size, Shopper availability in your local area and store hours. Instacart will make every effort to deliver your order on the same day, however if you are placing an order just prior to closing, the earliest delivery time may move to the following day when the store re-opens.