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    How do I place my online order?

    First, visit our store locator page to select your local store. From there, select "place pick-up order" and this will take you to the Order Form. Simply fill out the Order Form following the directions, and then choose your pick-up option. You can choose to either (1) come into the store where we will process your order ahead of time and you will pick it up or (2) pick up your order via curbside pick-up (if available at your local store). In either scenario, you will pay for your order when you arrive at your selected store.

    What is curbside pick-up?

    Curbside pick-up allows you to get your order without having to leave your car! You will receive an email telling you when your order is ready. When you arrive, park your car near the store and simply call the number located on the email confirmation and one of our team members will bring out your order. Pop open your trunk, and we will place your order right in your car. Tap payment options are available for payment of your order.

    Is delivery available from Bulk Barn stores?

    At this time, delivery is not available through our Bulk Barn order system.

    Can I place an order by phone?

    Yes, you can place an order by telephoning your local store. Store phone numbers are available on our website.

    Is there a minimum order required for online orders?

    There is no minimum order requirement for online orders! Order as little or as much as you need!

    How much is one large scoop or one small scoop?

    The large scoops in our stores are approximately 2 cups. The small scoops (used for spice products) are approximately ½ cup. The weight of the quantity will vary with each product.

    Can I order an item that is not found on the site?

    Yes. If you cannot find an item in your search, please include the item details in the special instructions section of the order form. If the item is available we will process it as part of your order.

    Does the Seniors' and Students' discount apply to my order?

    Yes. If you meet the eligibility requirements for the Bulk Barn Seniors' or Students' discount and place your order, pick-up and/or pay for your order on a Wednesday, the discount will apply. Please include this in the special instructions section of the order form so that our store team is aware that you are requesting application of the discount.

    Will the final prices charged for on-line orders be different from prices showing on my Order Form?

    Items sold by weight will show an estimated weight and price in your shopping cart. When your order is prepared for pick-up, we will weigh each applicable item to determine its actual weight and price. Usually, the actual weight of the item will not be more than roughly 50 grams +/- the estimated weight for products ordered with the large scoop, and will not be more than roughly 10 grams +/- the estimated weight for products ordered with the small spice scoop.

    What if one of my items in not available when my order is prepared?

    If at the time of filling your order a specific item you requested is not available, the store where you placed the order will contact you to inform you of the item unavailability and may offer you a substitution. You will only be charged for the substituted item if you accept the substitution.

    What if I forgot an item or want to change my order after I hit "submit order"?

    Contact the store you select to fulfill your order and inform them of the changes you would like to make, and they will make every effort to accommodate your request.

    What if I want a product to be split into multiple bags?

    Please include this in the special instructions section of the order form so that the store team will be aware of this request when they pack your order.

    Will I be able to use my reusable bag?

    Since we will be preparing your order before your arrival, the use of your own bags is not possible.

    How do I know if my order has been received?

    You will receive a confirmation email after you hit "submit order". This email will have details of your purchase as well as the designated pick-up time and method of pick-up (in-store or curbside).

    When will I be charged for my order?

    You will be charged and pay for your order at the time of pick-up. Please note that we do not accept cash for payment of curbside pick-up orders.

    How will I know when my order is ready for pick-up?

    The Order Form, as well as the confirmation email, will have the pick-up timeframe outlined for you. Order pick-up timeframes will vary by store.

    Can I use my Bulk Barn gift card to pay for my online order?

    We accept gift cards as a method of payment for store pick-up orders but unfortunately gift cards cannot be accepted for curbside pick-up orders.

    Will I get a receipt?

    When you pick up your order in the store or curbside, your receipt will be provided to you upon payment.

    Can I cancel my order?

    Orders can be cancelled by contacting the store you placed your Online Order with. The store contact information is included in your order confirmation email.

    Can I return items from my order?

    Our existing return policies apply to online orders:

    • Bulk items can only be returned if there is a product freshness or quality issue with the product.
    • Packaged products which are returned unopened or undamaged within 30 days of purchase, with the original cash register receipt can be exchanged or refunded.
    • Packaged products which have already been opened or damaged can only be refunded if there is a quality or freshness issue with the product.
    • No returns will be accepted for candy molds or cake pans.
    Who do I contact if I have a question regarding Online Ordering?

    Please contact our Customer Service team at:

    Who will have access to my personal information?

    To understand how Bulk Barn handles personal information, please read our Privacy Policy /en/Privacy-Policy/