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    Dietary Information:

    • Organic
    • Peanut Free
    • Vegan
    • Gluten-Free
    • Dairy Free
    • Non GMO



    Directions for Use:




    Usage Tips:


    Storage Tips:


    Points of Interest:




    Nutrition Facts

    Serving Size [servingsize]

    Amount % Daily Value
    Calories [cal]
    Fat [fat] g [fatP] %
    Saturated [satFat] g
    + Trans / trans [tranFat] g
    [totalFatP] %
    Cholesterol [chol] mg [cholP] %
    Sodium [sodium] mg [sodiumP] %
    Carbohydrate [carbs] g [carbsP] %
    Fibre [fibre] g [fibreP] %
    Sugars [sugar] g
    Sugar Alcohol 0 g
    Protein [protein] g
    Vitamin A [vitAP] %
    Vitamin C [vitCP] %
    Calcium [calciumP] %
    Iron [ironP] %

    Soft Whole Wheat Flour

    Soft Whole Wheat Flour



    stone milled from 100% cleaned, soft wheat kernels. this flour is mainly used in cookies, muffins, crackers, biscuits and other pastries.


    ingredients: stone ground wheat kernels.





    Usage Tips:

    soft whole wheat flour is ideal for muffins, cookies, flatbreads and crackers. to achieve a lighter product, whole wheat flour should be sifted several times before using, making sure to reintegrate the bran that's left in the sieve.


    flour milled from whole grains does not keep as long as highly refined flour, so it is best to buy smaller quantities to avoid spoilage. store in a cool, dry place in an airtight container. to extend its shelf life, you can also store flour in the refrigerator in a sealed container, or freeze the flour.

    Point of Interest:

    soft whole wheat flour is flour made from soft wheat. this flour does not form gluten to the same extent as hard wheat flour, which makes it ideal for muffins, pie crusts and other baked goods where a tender result is desired. because of its low gluten content, soft whole wheat flour is not suitable for making yeast breads.

    flour made from whole wheat contains all three parts of the wheat kernel (bran, germ and endosperm) in nearly the same proportion as the original kernel. because of this, it has a very high fibre content and contains more vital nutrients than white flour. you can usually substitute whole wheat flour for white flour in recipes for a more nutritious result, but you will typically need to add a larger amount of the whole wheat flour. your end product will also be darker in colour, with a more pronounced flavour.

    Extra Information:

    stone milled from 100% cleaned, soft wheat kernels. this flour is mainly used in cookies, muffins, crackers, biscuits and other pastries.

    Nutrition Facts
    Valeur nutritive

    Serving Size 100 g
    Portion 100 g

    % Daily Value
    % valeur quotidienne
    Calories / Calories 360
    Fat / Lipides 2 g 3 %
    Saturated / satures 0.4 g
    + Trans / trans 0 g
    2 %
    Cholesterol / Cholesterol 0 g 0 %
    Sodium / Sodium 0 mg 0 %
    Carbohydrate / Glucides 75 g 25 %
    Fibre / Fibres 13 g 52 %
    Sugars/ Sucres 0 g
    Sugar Alcohol/ Polyalcool 0 g
    Protein / Proteines 11 g
    Vitamin A / Vitamine A 0 %
    Vitamin C / Vitamine C 0 %
    Calcium / Calcium 0 %
    Iron / Fer 0 %

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